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Master Carl began learning Martial Arts at the age of 13, when he met the Chinese brothers, Ken Lau, Toddy Lau and Daniel Lau. The brothers taught Master Carl three different Kung Fu systems. Ken Lau taught freestyle, Daniel Lau taught Choy Lee Fut and Toddy Lau the former Hong Kong Champion taught Pak Mei.

Master Carl was a fast learner, practising 5-6 hours a day, 7 days a week, first learning Freestyle, Pak Mei and finally Choy, whilst in the evenings learned 5 different weapons. Master Carl learned the hard way from the Chinese- full and semi-contact.In 1987, Master Carl started the Southern Freestyle Association and began teaching classes. Many hundreds of students have learned from Master Carl, with many achieving Black Belt or higher, in all three systems.

In 1995 the Association changed its name to Mo Han Do, to reflect changes made in the three systems so as to cater for Western influences. Over the years Master Carl has honed and perfected his skills in the Arena, many times and has achieved worldwide renown and respect in the Martial Arts world.

Carl With Ken Lau Freestyle Karate  Instructor

Ken Lau Side Kick


  •  1976  - Southern Freestyle Kung  Fu Association set up
  • 1991  - The name was changed to Mohando ( The unlimited Way) to reflect changes to the freestyle nature of the systems
  • 2003  - The name was changed again to TASP to provide a more modern approach to teach the 3 freestyle systems.

This is what Nathan Johnson author of The Enigma of Karate Kata has to say about Master Carl

"My thanks also go to sifu Carl Coppini of Bak Mei and Choy Lay Fut, who, although a lifelong contemporary/rival/friend, made me think hard and deep about the nature of unarmed combat - and still does. Carl put the senior Kung Fu instructors, an international Kung Fu champion, and several well known Karate 'hard men' on the seat of their pants, well before such things became fashionable."

The Enigma of Karate Kata By Nathan Johnson

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