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Are you being held back at your current martial arts club? Having to wait too long to take your grades?

Do you feel that your current club holds you back? And that you are not progressing as fast you would like?

Check out the TASP system and you are guaranteed to se a difference

Key Points

TASP system delivers results

Grades as soon as your ready

No minimum time periods

Choice of Weapons and Hands

Many clubs and styles of martial arts hold you back, making you wait to take grades and learn the knowledge. Although this approach works for some students, for the dedicated individual wishing to progress faster it can be very frustrating.

Master Carl using his TASP teaching method is able to fast track the dedicated student so that they are able to set up their own business teaching Master Carl's system.

There are no short cuts to becoming a serious martial artist, it requires hard work, sweat, and dedication if you think to have what it takes then Master Carl can help you achieve your goals.

You have the choice of learning three styles of traditional based Kung fu, freestyle karate as well as five weapons all based on the hand systems.

If you would like to learn more than go to the contact page to get in touch with Master Carl.

Your progress in martial arts should be directly linked to how hard you work, basically the more effort and practice you put in the better you become.

Some clubs however will make you wait a specific length of time before you can progress on to your next grade. Master Carl feels that this is wrong, if you work hard and can demonstrate that you have got the knowledge and skills down you will progress on to the next level no matter how long you have been studying.

That's the TASP freestyle difference

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